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Sleeping camels

Sleeping Camels

The Sleeping Camels band was formed in 2009 at the Euro-Med international music festival, organized by CREMM. The band was originally meant to perform three concerts within the framework of the festivals in Hungary, Poland and Serbia, but later the band members and the organizers have decided to work on and record the album called “Wake up !”, made in collaboration with NarRator Records. More information :

Line-up :

Abdul-Aziz Gob (FRA) – djembe, bugarabu, krin
Amir Gwirtzman (IZR) – saxophones, clarinet, bagpipe, duduk
Bernard Maseli (POL) – vibraphone
Goran Milosevic (SRB) – drums
Kardos Dániel (HUN) – guitar
Manou Gallo (IV/BE) – vocal, bass guitar

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