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Manou Gallo Groove Orchetsra : “Medley”




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***NEWS*** Manou Gallo the queen of Afro Groove***NEWS***

New album in 2018 feat. and produced by Bootsy Collins – it´s gonna be funky

Manou Gallo feat. Bootsy Collins

 The queen of Afro Funk has finished her new album with Bootsy Collins
feat. Bootsy Collins – Chuck D – ZAP Mama – Manu Dibango
Manou is the groove queen creating a festive show overflowing with joy, jazz, groove, funk and afro beat.




Manou Gallo

When Manou was born, her grant grand-mother, bound to die shortly after, promised her: “I give you the world”. Since that time, Manou Gallo goes her own way.

Manou Gallo grooves just for the fun on afrobeat rhythms or dreams of a place among the stars (in heaven). The small girl of Divo was shocking the village people when she played the traditional drums, today she is the woman with a Drum. She looks after Marcelin Yassé, her mentor, her father, her talisman. “The belief in tradition mustn’t prevent you from going ahead” says Manou. And so she embraces the world.

After being a singer, bass player, percussion player and dancer, Manou Gallo turned into a brilliant band leader. The stage is like her second home and she pays a lot of attention to her live performance. She brings African music in a very inventive and modern way.
For the music, she has been inspired by the Djiboi (people of the Ivory Coast Manou’s homeland), but also by her current western musical culture.

The combination of soul, funk and blues is within the concept of groove a common denominator. World hot music full of emotion and sensitivities expressed in various languages (Dida, French and English).







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