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Manou Gallo & Women band

Manou Gallo and Women Band

A rare and original moment which allows to discover the atypical musical world of this artist with an outstanding destiny ! The meeting between Africa and Europe through the eyes of a woman-musician : Manou Gallo the Afropean. 
An intimate and groovy concert full of the sounds of her hometowns Abidjan and Brussels! 
With the complicity of her 3 women musicians and a drummer, she brings African music in a very inventive and modern way. Feminity, sensitivity and groove !

Line-up :

Manou GALLO (IV/BE): lead vocal, bass &amp guitar, percussionist
Lene NOORGAAD CHRISTENSEN(DK): lead & backing vocals
Anja NAUCLER (SWE/BE): chello & backing vocals
Virna NOVA (FRA): guitar & backing vocals :
Fabrice THOMPSON (FRA) : percussions-drums & backing vocals :

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27 Sep 2011 | Groups |


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