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Van Merwijk’s Music Machine with Manou Gallo

Van Merwijk’s Music Machine with Manou Gallo

Lucas Van Merwijk’s Music Machine is (to quote Tina Turner) “as funky as a mosquito’s tweeter”.
This time, Lucas van Merwijk, master of the drum beat, has invited ace bass player/singer/guitarist/percussionist and songwriter Manou Gallo to join him.
This charismatic artist from Ivory Coast surprised her family, friends, and neighbours by focusing on African percussion, which was considered contrary to the traditions of the Djiboi clan. Only men had been allowed to play percussion, but Manou dug in her heels!
You may expect highlife, groove funk, jazz, and a strong dose of Latin too of this fiery, explosive combinaition.
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Line-up :

Manou Gallo (IV/BE): Bass/Percussion/Vocals
Lucas van Merwijk(NL) : Drums
Aly N’Diaye Rose (SG/NL): African percussion :
Marc Bischoff (GE) : Piano/keyboards :
Ed Verhoeff (NL) : Guitar :

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27 Sep 2011 | Groups |

Perles d’amour

Perles d'Amour

Three charming singers, Tine Embrechts, Manou Gallo and Virna Nova bring the very best love songs from around the world.

 More information :

Line-up :

Tine Embrechts (BE) : vocal
Manou Gallo (IV/BE): vocal
Virna Nova (FRA) : vocal :

27 Sep 2011 | Groups |


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